Aviary’s basic SDK is powerful, proven and completely free. Need something a little more custom?
Check out our premium upgrades and enterprise options!

Need premium upgrades for an enhanced experience?

Basic SDK

Our basic SDK is the perfect solution for small indie developers.

What’s Included

  • Available for iOS, Android and Web.
  • Complete and customizable tool set.
  • Color customization.
  • Community support.
  • Option to monetize with in-app purchases and sponsored content.
  • Maximum output resolution: 3 megapixels Mobile / 1 megapixel Web.
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Premium Upgrades

Learn more about high resolution output and white labeling here. Pricing is per app / per platform.

High resolution output

Increase your maximum image resolution output to 12 megapixels (mobile) or 25 megapixels (web).

White label

Keep your brand in the spotlight with an attribution-free version of Aviary.

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Enterprise Partners

Personalize, scale and support your Aviary integration
with custom or branded content in place of Aviary content,
sublicensing, SLAs, account management and other enterprise solutions.