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Add Aviary’s free SDK to your app or website in minutes.

Add Aviary's free SDK to your app or website in minutes.


Feature rich.

Aviary's powerful editor is beautiful and full-featured. Everything your users need to edit their photos: you name it, we’ve got it.

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Seamless user experience.

Helping our partners deliver a perfect user experience is our first priority. That’s why you get full control over the appearance of the editor to make it seamlessly match your app – customize the colors, choose your toolset, and completely remove the Aviary branding. You can even add your own custom effects, frames and stickers.

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  • Flickr
  • Mailchimp
  • Yahoo
  • Walgreens

...and thousands more partners like these!


High-quality content, higher revenues.

Premium partners are eligible to sell content within the Aviary SDK through our revenue share program. Get paid and improve the editing experience for your users by offering in-app purchases and high quality sponsored content in your app.

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